No Press? No Problem!

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In this class I will teach you several ways of printing without the need of a press. We will explore stamp making, lino cutting, gelli plate printing, monoprinting on plexiglass and dive into some mixed media projects. We will make our own collage papers and a handmade artjournal with interesting and layered backgrounds for you to be inspired by.

Each technique has it’s own advantages and I will tell you all about them. I will also show you how I go about trouble shooting. But most importantly, this class is stuffed with fun and playful projects and tips and tricks to keep you inspired for a long time!

This class is for anyone who loves to experiment in a manner that embraces happy accidents.



Some of the class projects:

Goals of this class:

  • Learning about a wide range of printing techniques
  • Practicing with storytelling and illustration
  • Finding out which printing techniques excite you the most
  • Enjoying experimenting and risk taking in your search for interesting prints
  • Taking your gelliplate skills to the next level
  • Having lots of fun!

Supply list:

  • Rice paper and deli paper (I also use tissue paper and several high quality printing papers but those are totally optional)
  • a plexiglass plates that is slightly smaller than the paper you will be working on (you’ll need two if you also want to do the dentitric printing)
  • Gelliplate
  • Block print ink in black (and one other colour that you like to work with).
  • A brayer
  • rubber carving blocks and carving tool for stamping
  • crafting foam
  • linoleum
  • an ink pad
  • Open Acrylics by Golden (you can substitute by adding retarder to your regular acrylics)
  • Acrylics
  • (Gel) Matte Medium as an adhesive

We will also use some things you will probably have lying around the house. Like baby wipes, Q-tips, lace, string, cardboard, book pages, leaves and flowers.


Because it is such a big class, I have devided the lessons in 4 chapters:

  • The first chapter on stamping and linocutting is available right now
  • The second chapter on gelli printing will be available on September 25
  • The third chapter on printing on plexiglass will be available on October 9 (*see note below)
  • The fourth chapter with bonus lessons will be available on October 23

You’ll have lifetime access and all the lessons in this class are downloadable.

If you have any more questions about the class, please let me know!


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