Jerney Marisha at the easel

Hi, I'm Jerney!

I love helping people to get in touch with their creative side. I'm always thinking of new ways to inspire creatives to find joy in the process, to conquer fears and artist block, to dive within and to play and get loose. In my opinion these things are essential to find and keep developing your own unique style.

I do this in two ways:

My teaching style

I design my lessons carefully and I like to create exercises that will not only let you reproduce my projects, but that will help you to find your own style in the process. I share my techniques as well as my thought process. My lessons are always start to finish projects, I don't like to keep you in the dark.

My mission is to help creatives to get in their studio and have fun while creating expressive works of art.

A few things about me

I'm an art therapy enthusiast. I studied it way back when, decided I didn't want to be a therapist, but I do apply a lot of the techniques in my lessons to help you to get loose and experience freedom in your creative process.

I'm a cat lady, but I love all animals. I live in the city, but I love being in nature. In a few years I would like to move to a remote little island in the Atlantic to teach art and organise retreats.