The Sktchy virus

I think I might be one of the last people to get on Sktchy. While I have never been particularly interested in achieving likeness while I’m drawing, I must admit that I’m really enjoying this app.

It’s a great source of reference photos and inspiration and in return you can upload some of your own photos to inspire other artists. It’s both wonderful and a bit weird to see that someone took the time to sketch out your face. The sharing spirit and knowing you’ve got full permission from your subject to use the photo for your artwork is pretty great.

I took it as a sign that I should take some more time really observing different kinds of expressions, features and angles. Even if I’m not a realistic artist, it’s an incredibly valuable exercise to do these portrait studies.

If you’re also on Sktchy, let me know! I would love to see your artwork! You can find me here!

Pull off your masking tape like a pro

When I just started painting, I damaged a few of my pieces while I was pulling off the masking tape. It was heartbreaking, some profanity was involved. Fortunately I figured out a fool proof way of doing this really quickly and I wanted to share this handy tip with all of you.

Sure, you could try buying the fancy, expensive artist tape but if you are as prolific as I am, wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earned money on the fun art supplies? I know I do! Here’s how you save yourself a lot of frustration. Even if the tape does tear, it won’t grab on to your painted surface. Hooray!

Win a free spot on Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019

The lovely Olga Furman has invited me to be a guest teacher on her year long online art class that teaches you how to bring a story into your art. Plus, this year we will focus on both academic art skills and getting loose and expressive. Best of both worlds!

A great team of international teachers will teach you on subjects like value, colour theory, proportions and angles, mark making and much more!

This amazing course is designed so that students of all skill levels will enjoy it and you will get over 50 downloadable video lessons with supporting PDF documents. Each week you will receive one lesson, starting on January 2019. Each teacher will bring you one mini lesson and one in depth lesson in their unique style.

I really love these collaborative courses because it’s the best way to gather a lot of different tips and techniques to grow as an artist. Another big advantage is that it’s a great value for your money. And if you register for the course before December 5th, you can purchase it for the early bird price of $99 and save $30 from the regular price. That would be less than $2 per lesson, don’t miss out!

You will also get access to a Facebook group that will be your virtual classroom where you can show off your lessons, ask for advice and interact with the other students. There’s a lovely vibe already, while we’re all getting to know each other.

I really love the lineup of the teachers this year and I’m so honoured to be a part of it. Check out all the gorgeous styles they will be bringing to the table:

Curious about my lessons in PYHaS2019?

For my mini lesson we will be doing an exercise where I will help you to liberate your inner control freak. We will get wonky and we will love it!

My in depth lesson will involve colour mixing (not as scary as it may seem, I’ll be gentle) and we will be telling our story and messages through symbolism. Together we will make an intuitive and emotive painting.

If you can’t wait to dive into these lessons, please support me by signing up for the course through this link. I would appreciate it so much and you’ll have a chance to win one of my tiny messenger of peace originals if you do! If you’re not familiar with them yet you can watch this video. It’s my favourite series!

But I have another awesome giveaway for one of you guys! YOU could win a FREE spot in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019!

And all you have to do is:

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Step 3: Sign up for my newsletter here.

That’s it! All done!

* If you have already paid for the course you will get a full refund!

I will announce the winner on September 29! Good luck everyone!

I hope to see you in class, I can’t wait to see all the beautiful art that you will create!

Lots of love and peace,


It’s About time

Time for the next step in my art journey. I have been procrastinating on this one because my art time is so limited. I just want to paint! But it’s also time to get organised and communicate all my big plans to you guys. So if you want to be in the loop, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. It’s gonna take some time, but I promise it will be worth the wait!