Raw Expression

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In this stand alone lesson I will show you a fun way to create a beautifully textured portrait. We will build up the layers in the face in an unorthodox way and then finetune the features towards the end.  By doing this lesson you will learn how to work more intuitively and hopefuly how to let go of attachment to your portrait. This is a good lesson to take if you want to learn how to become more loose and to challenge your inner control freak by letting go of the need for perfection.

The lesson is filmed real time and is just under 50 minutes long.


Goals of this class:

  • Creating a beautifully textured portrait
  • Working intuitively and embracing happy accidents
  • Learning how to have the confidence that you can adjust everything as you go


Supply list:

  • Sturdy paper (like mixed media paper or if you also want to work in a journal, the Moleskine with the thick paper works well)
  • Some ephemera of your choice
  • Two colours of acrylic paint
  • A brayer
  • Gel Matte medium

1 review for Raw Expression

  1. Teena Lurlene (verified owner)

    This is an amazing class filled with methods I have never used. If you love texture and crave happenstance in your project, take this class. I promise you will forever after consider a brayer as one of your go to tools. Delightful dialogue throughout. A value!

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