Daily Doodling

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In this stand alone lesson I want to get you excited about starting a daily ritual you can always find the time for. Whether you have one hour, fifteen minutes or even just five minutes to spare, you can take out your little black book and gel pen and start doodling.

This lesson is perfect for you if you are struggling with:

  • finding the time to create art
  • getting started
  • thoughts that aren’t helpful to your creative process
  • your art budget (very limited supplies needed)

Duration: 50 minutes + 30 minutes of bonus video on doodling faces


Supply list:

  • Black paper
  • Gel pens (I like Uni-Ball Signo and Hybrid Gel pens as they work very good on the black paper)

1 review for Daily Doodling

  1. Shiela Brown (verified owner)

    I love this little class. Jerney shows you a few ways on how to create your characters and add design. Simple instructions with minimal tools. Jerney makes sure to show and tell the process clearly. I hated to do human or human like faces before this class. It actually could cause me stress. I would draw animals, foliage and landscapes. People blobs in distance was fine but faces, no way. This simple tool of applying a gel pen to black paper changed all of that. I love doing faces, creating expression now. The pointillism is my favorite. It is like sculpting a face on paper. When I sit down with my sketchbook, I just start. I have no idea what/who I am drawing until I see the eyes. Then, the pen just leads the way. It is very meditative and I lose track of time. Jerney is a wonderful teacher and very accessible. You can contact her here or on Instagram. She is quick to answer your questions. She loves what she does and enjoys sharing it with us. This little class that Jerney leads you through will take you to greater places in your art. If you want to just doodle, you can do that too. You will have fun just playing with your characters. I told Jerney I would tell the world she is silly and dances with stars on her toes. I think I may draw that now. Thank you, Jerney. I am starting back to Tiny Portraits again. It is just hard to leave my sketchbook.

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