Fields of Gold


Do you want to create expressive and loose portraits? Does colour mixing seem intimidating to you? Is your gold leaf sticking to everything but your art? I’ve got your back!

In this class we will find inspiration in the most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen up close: Judith by Gustav Klimt. After this class you will be able to handle your gold leaf like a like a pro!


Class goals:

  • Learning how to paint a loose and expressive portrait
  • Learning how to mix a beautiful muted colour palette
  • Learning how to use gold leaf the right way
  • Bonus: how to prepare an old book for artjournaling


This is an in depth lesson where I walk you through all the steps and my decision making process. You will have life access to the class.


Supply list:

  • acrylic paint ( I used yellow ochre, cadmium red light, ultramarine blue, black and white)
  • golf leaf
  • wax paper
  • stabilo all pencil
  • clear gesso
  • gilding paste


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