Mashup Moods

Mashup Moods preview

Do you have trouble creating portraits with exciting expressions? Then this mixed media art journal play time might be right up your alley. We will collage with our own sketches to find unique expressions in our portrait. You will learn about several mixed media techniques along the way.

Free warm up exercise

Warm up exercises are a great way to start your day in the studio. They will help you to get out of your head before you start working your bigger projects. This exercise is great for loosening up your drawing and to help you to observe better.

Fearless Faces

We’re going to create another intuitive portrait without using a brush. After that we’ll add some hints of colours in a surprising and relaxing way, get ready for some mixed media play time!

Loosen up your lines

Loosen up your lines image

A free mini lesson with a fun warm up exercise for your sketchbook.

The build up

The build up image

A free lesson on how to build up a portrait using charcoal.

Sketchbook Express

sketchbook express

Are you ready to explore the spectrum of emotions? Grab your sketchbooks and I will show you how to get started and where to find inspiring reference photos.

Achieving likeness or realism isn’t the goal, it’s all about capturing and finding expressive characters during your sketchbook practice. In this class we will explore mature male faces and do two projects:

  • One profile portrait built up out of linework, directly with pen.
  • One front view portrait with dramatic lighting using charcoal.

No Press? No Problem!

In this class I will teach you several ways of printing without the need of a press. We will explore stamp making, lino cutting, gelli plate printing, monoprinting on plexiglass and dive into some mixed media projects. We will make our own collage papers and a handmade artjournal with interesting and layered backgrounds for you to be inspired by.

Each technique has it’s own advantages and I will tell you all about them. I will also show you how I go about trouble shooting. But most importantly, this class is stuffed with fun and playful projects and tips and tricks to keep you inspired for a long time!

This class is for anyone who loves to experiment in a manner that embraces happy accidents.

Three’s a charm

Three's a charm, an expressive painting class

This class is about preparing yourself for an emotive portrait on a large canvas with acrylic paint. We’re going to dive deep in this one. We’re going to explore expression, three kinds of media, three different substrates, composition and colour. We will start by working by close observation and later on in the process you will learn to trust your instincts and take a more intuitive approach.

This is an excellent class for people who would like to work on expression and love to experiment.

Paint it Black

In this stand alone mixed media lesson you will be challenged to think outside the box and experiment with different ways of handling your art supplies. We will finish the lesson by creating this dynamic portrait using ink and a couple of other media.

Raw Expression

In this lesson I will show you a fun way to let go of perfection while adding a lot of texture to your portraits. By doing this lesson you will learn how to work more intuitively and hopefuly how to let go of attachment to your portrait.

Tiny Portraits, Tiny Palette

I’m so happy you are here, thank you for being with me on my first solo endeavour. In this class we will focus on expression by eliminating most colours. This way you can really concentrate on how to get the emotion you are after.

By working small we can practice more in less time. Each time we finish one of these tiny portraits; we wil learn something new. What we like, how to problem solve, how to find the right expression we’re after, and so on. When we value process over product, we can learn oh so fast and often you will end up with tiny studies that inspire you for future pieces.

Are you ready to dive in with me?