The power of giving

Somebody once told me that fine artists never give away originals. It made me wonder. I don’t think generosity excludes you from being whatever you are or want to be. Sharing is a beautiful act of kindness and I encourage everyone to share a bit of yourself with the world. Whether it’s knowledge, vision, some needed advice, a few words of comfort, some of your homemade cooking, a couple of bucks to a stranger who has forgotten their wallet in line or your beautiful art.

No matter our situation, we can always share something with someone who might need it. Or just to show your appreciation for them. I think it makes our world a more beautiful place. I have wanted to give someone I know a fun little surprise for quite a while now. Procrastinating is a bit of a bad habit of mine, but today I decided to make it happen. If your heart keeps telling you to do something, you better listen to it. I hope she will like it, like I like her.

The impossible art task

I think I’m not alone here. Sometimes you have a project you’re so stuck with it’s ridiculous. More often than not they are the most precious to us, which can be rather paralysing.

I started this portrait of the one I love ages ago. It went really well at first and I was so happy. Until I slipped up and pushed too hard on the charcoal. This was nine months ago. I was torn between starting over and taking it in a whole new direction. Which means some touch ups and being brave bringing new media in. The last part was the problem.

What if I screw it up? What if I can never pull it off again? What if I just let it be? What if, what if, what if… what if I just go for it and do what my gut told me to do nine months ago? Sometimes we need to give ourself the finger and just go for it. We want to make pieces that we’re in love it and if we’re not there yet, we need to keep on going. Now, let’s put my money where my mouth is. Wish me luck you guys and if you have one of those pesky impossible art tasks… well… you know what to do. 😉