Are you ready for your little sneak peek of my upcoming class? Although it's a printing class, I am also adding a couple of fun mixed media projects into the mix. This video is a fragment of the bonus lesson where I demonstrate how I work on the pages of my printed handmadejournal that we'll also be making during this class. There will be 6 little videos of inspiration in the full bonus lesson, I can't wait to share it with you. 🙂

But enough about that. Let's get creative with our own photographs!

You will need:

  • a painted background in your favourite palette (in acrylics)
  • a printed version of a dramatic selfie or just a photo that you took and love (don't be afraid to play around with filters)
  • Gel matte medium and an expired credit card to push out the air bubbles
  • Neocolour II crayons (I also use a woody but it's pretty much the same thing, but harder to draw with ;))
  • a wet brush to blend the neocolors if you want to
  • Some kind of collage paper you can cut into your story elements (I use a scrapbooking clipper... tool... thingy, sorry, I don't know the proper name. But you can totally cut yours by hand)

Be sure to put the gel matte medium on top of your photo as well so that you can throw on your wet media without any problem. 😉

Let's play!