Sneak a peek!

How about four fun lessons to inspire you? There are a couple of sample lessons from my in depth classes. May they bring joy to your studio!

Tiny portrait, tiny palette

When I was a budding and struggling artist, I got so frustrated and confused with acrylics. That is, until I decided to focus on just two colours for a good while. Along the way I developed a way of sculpting little faces that was very enjoyable to me. It's low threshold and very flexible.

I hope you will enjoy the very first lesson of this class. In the full class, we will explore different expressions, tiny hands, a more intuitive approach, how to find your own favourite tiny palette and working from a dark background (my personal favourite way of working whenever I feel a little blocked).

Gelliprinting fun

Have you ever gelliprinted on book pages? It's so relaxing and a great way to create lots of layered backgrounds. In "No Press? No Problem!" we'll turn these into a precious handmade journal and I'll show you 6 projects in just this little journal alone. Of course you can do this on regular paper if you can't bring yourself to using an old book. I just like the extra interest of the pages underneath. 😉

In this huge class you'll find:

  • Another journal project (stamp illustrated art therapy journal)
  • Several ways of making your own stamps and lino cuts
  • collage projects
  • 6 gelli printing techniques (including illustrating with the gelliplate)
  • 8 mono printing lessons
  • 5 bonus lessons

Full class

Monoprinting 101

Oh how I love mono printing. This is a compact little class where you can get a crash course in this fun technique. I hope you'll enjoy watching this warm up session. If you want to give it a go, grab a perspex plate or even a glass cutting board and some open acrylics, oil paint or block print ink. Whatever dries nice and slowly. 😉

In class we'll learn the additive and subtractive way of mono printing, a mixed media mono printing technique with a bit more colour. We'll end the class with a playful gelliprinting session where we will create colourful backgrounds to inspire us to find figures and stories. Let's have some fun!

Full class

Playing with composition

There are a lot of rules having to do with composition. While they are good to know, I think they also can be overwhelming and sometimes even confusing. Let's just take a more intuitive approach and play with different ideas in our sketchbook. 😉

full class 

I hope you enjoyed these little sparks of inspiration, happy creating! And remember, the process is so much more important than the end result. Just have fun and the more you practice, the easier it will come to you. Everything you do has value!