Dear Pamela,

I know you just said that you aren't an artist yourself, but I think we are all born that way. We just forget that we are one deep in our soul. Should you ever want to try out starting a little sketchbook, I'm giving you my lessons of my class Daily Doodling. It's very low threshold and relaxing. If you don't want to do it, that's perfectly fine! I just wanted to give you the opportunity after all that stress. <3



Doodling reduces stress and it's great for your creativity. You can use your doodle time to try out new things to draw or to dive deeper into the doodles you have done before. Both of these actions wil help you to discover your own unique artistic language, which will also help you to add more depth into your larger work.

Try to make a habit of carrying your little black book everywhere you go. That way you can always reach for it when inspiration or boredom strikes you. 😉

Have fun with the lesson, I would love it if you would tag me if you post your doodles on instagram (@jerneymarisha) or facebook. You can also use #dailydoodlinglesson so you can check out each other's work as well!

Enough talking! Let's get to work! <3